TomTom Mangold is one of Britain's top television reporters, an international best selling author and an award winning travel writer. He has worked with BBC Television News and Current Affairs since 1964 and is now a freelance reporter and writer.

'Good to see that investigative bruiser Tom Mangold sticking his grizzled grey head into...the recent activities of the intelligence services....though all the spooks know they can expect no mercy from Mr Mangold, they keep coming back for more.'
Observer 1.4.91

'Tom Mangold presented his Panorama in his usual compelling style. Every frame indicated thorough research.'
Observer. 26.7.92

'Apart from Tom Mangold who can name a single Panorama reporter today?'
Sir Paul Fox. Times. 10.6.97

'Tom Mangold's investigation....was a shining example of intelligent, impartial and thorough investigative journalism...non-partisan yet on the side of the angels, it was exemplary TV news journalism.'
Guardian. 21.8.00

'More than anyone else on the programme .... he is the quintissential Panorama reporter'
Richard Lindley. Panorama Politco's Publishing. 2002

'Tom Mangold's (radio series) ...was highly listenable, with Mangold personifing the kind of reporter television used to have --seasoned, reasoned, one who knows the best sources for information and asks them the right questions, no matter how awkward their answers.'
Daily Telegraph. 5.9.06

'I wanted to reach into the screen and shake Mangold by the hand. He'd done something so rare these days it seemed almost miraculous. He'd gone to a story and asked questions without first determining what the answers needed to be.'
AA Gill. Sunday Times. March 2008

'the doyen of broadcasting reporters'
The Times. August 2009

'Then I joined Panorama working alongside another hero of my youth, reporter Tom Mangold, I couldn't believe it'.
George Entwistle. Director-General BBC. Radio Times. September 2012.

'One of the BBC's best ever reporters.'
Roger Bolton. BBC Radio 4 `Feedback' December 2014.


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